With a certain raspy-innocence to her vocals, Australian singer-songwriter Tasha Zappala unlocks a raw mixture of post-folk blues that synthesizes the atmosphere of a local coffee shop where the lighting is warm & the ambiance is nothing short of enticing. Her intense gypsy-folk melodies will at one moment materialize into dainty falsettos, and at the next into a throaty, growling chest tone. An edge and a gritty presence, Zappala weaves abstracted tales of foggy memories and days adrift.



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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Tasha
    I am delighted to have met you just now. You are absolutely wonderful.
    Your music is fresh, original, warm and heart-felt, nostalgic and romantic.
    I shall send some of mine.
    When do you leave Melb and when will you be back?

    With my admiration and best wishes
    Dr Peter Lim

  2. Saw Tasha busking in Melbourne and was drawn in by her soulful & mellow tones. Thank you for the glimpse into your world. The CD is brilliant.

  3. Was walking through the Bourke St Mall in Melbourne last Saturday, when I was drawn to Tasha’s beautiful voice. I am so happy I stopped to buy her CD Winter Year. I have been playing it every chance I get.

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