Tasha Zappala

Winter Year EP
Winter Year now available on Spotify. Recorded in the Adelaide Hills, SA.

Video Recorded by Liana the Ghost in Melbourne, Australia.

Recorded in Hobart, Tasmania. A collection of songs written and performed in the winter of 2017.

Video recorded by Gabrielle Eve in Hobart, TAS.

Drawing Trees EP

The Drawing Trees EP, recorded at Jive Mother Studios by Bryan Beattie features five live tracks, each a raw and swirling soundscape of time captured.

“With a certain raspy-innocence to her vocals, Australian singer-songwriter Tasha Zappala warms our Monday afternoon with the song Bluebird off of her solo EP Drawing Trees!

Recorded live at Jive Mother Studios, Zappala’s latest release strikes deep into a vein of delicious trills & powerful guitar riffs. Combining elements of Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor, and Little Miss Higgins & The Winnipeg Five, Bluebird unlocks a raw mixture of post-folk blues that synthesizes the atmosphere of a local coffee shop where the lighting is warm & the ambiance is nothing short of enticing. Zappala’s acoustic-jazz goes incredibly well with her vocals; one of the main elements to her music that attracted us in the first place.

“She’ll suck you in and spit you out with goose bumps on your skin. It’s a sound that makes its way around the room, pools at your toes, and makes itself at home in your ears.”

From the five-track EP released back in October 2014, Bluebird jumps from one octave to the next; leading us through the intense gypsy-folk melodies that at one moment materialize into dainty falsettos, and at the next into throaty, growling chest tone. Currently recording with her band Terrapin, Zappala has a sound that should carry its way into your day & release you from the shackles of that Monday blues!” – Beatforest Music Blog, 2015

“She does things with her voice that make my throat nervous! The type of blues varies from track to track, as does the intensity. A very good album.”

“An edge, an attitude, a gritty presence of power and a bluesiness I just can’t ignore.”

Check out Tasha Zappala & Terrapin at their social spots below and be sure to buy the Drawing Trees EP for digital download at Bandcamp here!


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